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Role Play Reviews

School Role Play Review

Whilst I have sessioned in the past it has been a long time since I knelt before a Mistress, it was therefore after a lot of research I finally arranged a session with Miss Cameo, I was impressed by her website and her response to my emails. I was still however a nervous newbie when I arrived at her chambers in a quiet part of Northampton.

I was quickly put at ease, a good conversation about what I was looking for from my session including an explanation about why a couple of activities weren't appropriate in a school room role play. I must at this point add that whilst Miss Cameo's photographs on are website are great she is even more special in person - she has eyes that are so gorgeous you'll do exactly what she says! And she easily met my request for a sexy Headmistress, teachers never looked that good when I was at school...
The session I requested was a school room role play with punishment and humiliation, it had come to Miss Cameo's attention that I was utilising the school computers to view porn and after emptying my pockets it became clear I was the school panty thief........
Miss Cameo explained that I was to be punished and would lose marks if I did not accept my punishment in an appropriate manner, I immediately lost some points due to my transgressions, losing too many more would result in a doubling of my punishment.
Miss Cameo instructed me to strip out of my lower clothes until I was standing in front of her in a girlie thong, my shirt and tie. I did try to protest but she really did accept no protests or pleas and believe me when I say that if you're standing before her trying to argue a stern rebuke will be quickly coming your way. Once in session the only way is what Miss Cameo decides, her glare and rebuke quickly make that obvious!
Standing there semi naked in a girlie thong I suddenly felt very vulnerable yet completely safe - I was in Miss Cameo's hands. It was a magical experience to feel so wrapped up in the session, awaiting my punishment and starting to feel the humiliation I requested. I was instructed to bend across her desk and then Miss Cameo administered the hardest hand spanking I have ever had the honour to receive, whilst it was the hardest I have ever recieved it took me to my limit but not beyond it, thinking back about the session the occasional pauses were Miss Cameo examining how my body was handling my punishment (whilst I had said marking was fine I asked that they last for only a few days).
Miss Cameo then expalined I was to receive further punishment and whack there it was, she then asked what implement she had just used on me - a slipper was my correct reply. Miss Cameo then administered further punishment by the slipper, it was the hardest I have ever been punished and at times took me beyond what i thought I could take but I was desperate to please Miss Cameo and held my position, looking back Miss Cameo knew exactly how much I could take and did exactly what I had asked of her - take me to my limit and just beyond it.
Miss Cameo then explained then my bottom was at it's limit and it was time for some lines - 25 lines (and a sore arm) later I was standing before Miss Cameo having them marked. Miss Cameo then viewed me in a number of the different pairs of knickers I had stolen commenting of how I looked and how I appeared to be enjoying wearing the lingerie. Next was a little game recreate various animals sounds whilst weraing a pair of knickers on my head as Miss Cameo laughed at my efforts.
Finally Miss Cameo stood and said 'now you will be caned', so it was over the desk for 12 hard strokes and they were hard 9at least ithought so!!!), I counted them out to Miss Cameo as they landed on my bum with what seemed like unerring accuracy. At 12 strokes Miss Cameo announced a final surprise - one more stroke and it was a hard one.
And that was it my session was over, the hour went so quickly. Except Miss Cameo and I then sat and chatted about the session and where we can go with the next session - because there will be a next session (if Miss Cameo permits).
I found Miss Cameo an excellent Mistress she understood what I wanted from my session and delivered it and more. With my limited experience I look for a Mistress to have certain attributes - that she makes me feel safe when I submit to her, that she can take me to my limit and just beyond it, she enjoys similar activities to that which I request - I want both of us to enjoy the session. It's fair to say Miss Cameo demonstrated the 3 attributes wonderfully well as she delivered my first ever schoolroom roleplay with expertise and style. As I mentioned earlier I will be requesting another session and I highly recommend Miss Cameo to any sub looking for a Mistress with the experience to provide you with a truely memorable session.

School Room Scenario Review

Hi Miss Cameo,

just a quick note to say thanks for Saturday's session - I really enjoyed it.

Your punishments feel realistic (they hurt), but I was quite surprised that I struggled quite a bit to take the cane - I didn't think you were putting that much force into it, but maybe you used fairly heavy canes? Anyway, you'll be pleased to know that you did manage to cause some bruising!

You're a great hand spanker, and if that really is normally harder, I'd like to try it. It was quite surprising how I felt the need to obey you - I mean, I sort of wanted to disobey a bit, and even delay counting cane strokes to give myself a rest between strokes, but somehow I thought that would lead to further punishment, even though you didn't say anything, and even counted the strokes before I was at all ready of the next one! Perhaps it was something in your demeanor that indicated to me that you were to be taken seriously, even if you did think you were off form.

It's a fun session, with the real lesson as well - I've never done that before, but it breaks the session up, and moves the role play along nicely - the session really went so quickly, I was unsure whether we'd finished at first (I was hoping we had as my bottom was suffering!), but it just seemed to go so quickly.

I'm sorry you had such trauma last week, and hope this week is proving to be more enjoyable for you.

I look forward to being punished by you again, and receiving a slightly harsher punishment, which I'm sure you'll be quite happy to do.

Review of an aunty-nephew ongoing scenario 

I visit Miss Cameo regularly and we have developed a wonderful "strict auntie" scenario. 

I am a naughty nephew who has not done his chores, or put a spider in her bed or been cheeky to a friend of hers. She never fails to make me feel thoroughly ashamed with a good telling off, corner time and then a good, hard spanking over her knee. 

If I'm very naughty she even makes me wear pink frilly knickers as an extra punishment! She is strong, strict and beautiful ; the perfect mistress!

As far as I am concerned she is the best in the business!

Review of a CP, spanking and role play session
Living in the North and only occasionally down in London I always take great care when booking a session when in the south. An advert in the UKM classified section caught my eye and after a number of responsive and good-humored e-mails I turned up in North London to see Miss Cameo (MissCameo.com). I was impressed by the lovely pictures of Miss Cameo on her website, but they really fail to do her proper justice. Though younger than other women I have seen over the past four years she seems hugely experienced and was able to read my responses and needs during the session better than anyone else Ive ever seen. It was even a bit scary the way she got inside my head and seemed to anticipate just when I was reaching my limits with any particular implement. I would classify myself as having a fairly moderate level of tolerance and Miss Cameo kept her cane strokes up to my limit, but  the final few harder strokes that Id asked for really hit home and gave me a glimpse of what she may be capable of with anyone who is in search of more severe play. The range of spanking/caning/face sitting activities was everything Id hoped for and future London visits wont require to me to look any further than Miss Cameo -  when I may be tempted to try some of the more adventurous activities that she lists on her site.

Out of session she was warm and friendly but dont let that mislead you cos once the session is under way youll be given exactly what youve asked for!